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AKOSTIKA - Acoustic Fibre Glass Ceiling Panels


AKOSTIKA fibre glass ceiling panels have high density fibre glass as the ingredient. This is a premium product with superior acoustic performance creating a quiet environment. They come wioth three different textures and three different edges.


Product Data

Material : Fibreglass Rigid Board
Available Sizes : 595 mm x 595 mm / 595 mm x 1195 mm
Thickness : 15 mm / 18 mm / 25 mm
Edge : Square / Tegular
Thermal Conductivity : K = 0.082 w/mk
NRC : 0.90
RH : 90 (as per IS 4161)
Fire Flame Test : As per ASTM-E-84
Extremely light weight, High strength, Long Lasting, Fire proof, Moisture resistant

Benefits :

Extremely light weight, easy installation
Simple installation
Decorative with elegant design
Moisture resistance
High strength and long lasting

Applications :

Commercial office Buildings
Theaters and Home Theaters
Schools and Universities
Auditoriums and Concert Halls
Shopping Malls
Restaurants, Café, Bars, Food Halls

Installation :

Suspending the composite fibreglass plaster acoustic board with the Grids (T-Grids)

Standard Colours :
White and black.
(Other colours can be customised.)

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