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PAX® BAFFLES & CLOUDS - Rock wool rigid board Panels for ceilings and walls.



PAX® - BAFFLES & CLOUDS - Rock wool rigid board panels are a premium products with superior acoustic performance in open ceiling environment. They come in both textured finish and Fabric wrapped finish with colour and fabric options.


PAX® - BAFFLES are a unique solution for open ceiling. Free hanging vertical baffles provide superior sound absorption and perfect aesthetic look to the surrounding space.

PAX® - CLOUD is horizontal solution for hanging ceiling. Free hanging cloud is available in various shapes - rectangular, circular, hexagonal or triangular. This not only covers the acoustic requirements of the customer but also exhibits the beauty of open ceiling concept.


Product Data

Material : Rockwool Rigid Board
Available Sizes : 1180 mm x 200 mm / 1180 mm x 300 mm
Thickness : 25 mm / 40 mm / 50 mm
Edge : Square
Thermal Conductivity : K = 0.082 w/mk
NRC : 0.90
Standard Colours : White & Black (Colours can be customised)
Surface Finish : Textured or Fabric faced
Installation Type : Vertical / Horizontal hanging

Benefits :

Light weight
Simple and easy installation
Decorative with elegant design
Moisture resistance
High strength and long lasting

Applications :

Commercial office Buildings
Theaters and Home Theaters
Schools and Universities
Auditoriums and Concert Halls
Shopping Malls
Restaurants, Café, Bars, Food Halls

Installation :

Hanged with metal hangers / springs as per site condition.
First and last hangers should not be at a distance more than 250 mm from the end.

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