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GROOWOOD Acoustical Panel

Gyptech GROOWOOD acoustical panel is a kind of slit resonance absorption material made from high quality MDF/HDF panels with grooves on the surface and perforated holes on the reverse. It has strong selection on the sound spectrum and particularly great performance on the middle and low frequency. It has better sound absorbing effect on medium and high frequency when padded with sound absorption cotton at the back side cavity.

Gyptech GROOWOOD acoustical panel has outstanding environmental flame retardant and waterproof functions. The various colors and finish choices can satisfy all acoustic and decoration requirements of the customers.

Gyptech GROOWOOD acoustical panel is one of the most advanced and efficient absorption products available today for reducing reverberant sound levels in many environments, such as gymnasiums, hotels, exhibition centers, schools, studios, reception areas, lecture theatres, offices and commercial buildings. They are developed based on acoustical theories and manufactured by advanced equipment and technology. Thanks to the ingenious design and all kinds of decorative surfaces, these acoustic panels are not only easy to install but also visually attractive.





Product Data

Material : MDF / HDF Board
Width : 128 mm
Length : 2440 mm
Thickness : 15 mm
Perforation Hole : 10 mm
Width : 15 / 30 - 2mm



Gyptech Wooden Grooved Acoustical Panel -NRC




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